Signature Restaurant

Signature Restaurant

  • Sky on 5 Dining

    Premium Buffet Restaurant with Exotic View

    Experience the special menu using Jeju specialties as well as a variety of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Western dishes carefully selected by the chef and prepared with the best ingredients with a fantastic view.

  • Landing Dining

    Experience the world of various dishes prepared by Jeju Shinhwa World star chefs

    Enjoy the most Jeju-like food prepared with fresh seafood that seems to have been just caught in the clean sea of Jeju, and feel as if you were invited to the Haenyeo's house.

  • 濟州膳 JEJUSEON

    A journey to the heart of Jeju’s unique culinary culture

    Feast on handcrafted Korean-style dishes showcasing the freshest local ingredients. Savor the sea’s finest offerings in a gourmet spread of Jeju Sea Urchin and Seaweed Soup or delight in classic Korean dishes.

  • JejuSeon The Black

    The pinnacle of high-quality course meal in front of your eyes, Jeju Seon The Black 

    Experience a sophisticated Jeju-style course dining with fresh ingredients and creative recipes.


    Cantonese Style and Authenticity from the Kitchen of a True Master

    The authenticity of Cantonese cuisine from the kitchen of a true master


    Homemade Chinese Food Faithful to Fundamental Essence

    The restaurant offers home-made Chinese cuisines with fresh ingredients are served for lunch and dinner.

  • Shinhwa Terrace

    Multinational Street Food Restaurant with Delicacies from Indonesia and Korea

    Presents exotic traditional street foods from Indonesia crafted by local chefs and globally renowned popular street foods from Korea.