Declaration for lodging registration – 10 December 2020


Jeju Shinhwa World Hotels & Resorts will following guideline from ‘KOREA IMMIGRATION SERVICE, MINISTRY OF JUSTICE’ for ‘Declaration for lodging registration. Thank you for your cooperation.


This scheme will be introduced to minimize economic damage and ensure public safety by having short-term-stay non-nationals’ address information up to date should an infectious disease or terrorist attack occurs.


Our immigration Act Article 81 (3) supports the implementation of this scheme and accommodation facility owners should report short-term-stay non-nationals’ lodging information when

a) the crisis alert level issued in line with infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act is raised to ‘cautious’ level, or 
b) the crisis alert issued in line with Act on Counter-terrorism for the Protection of Citizens and Public Security is raised to ‘caution’ level
*Alert levels are classified into four levels: attention – caution – alert and serious

If either of the abovementioned situation becomes a reality, short-term-stay non-nationals should present his/her passport or a travel document to the owner of the lodging facility where he/she is staying. Short-term-stay non-nationals are defined as those temporarily residing in ROK for a period not exceeding 90 days for tourism and short-term visit.


Lodging facility owners are also entailed with a responsibility to report short-term-stay non-national guest(s)’ information to the Minister of Justice within 12 hours of an raised in crisis level as described above. Lodging facility owners are defined as those who registered their business as 1) lodging business in line with Public Health Control Act, b) Tourist accommodation business, City home stay services for foreign tourists or Traditional Korean housing experience business in line with Tourism Promotion Act.


They should report their short-term-stay non-national guest(s)’ information to an immigration office in his/her jurisdiction of business operation by using the attached format sheet via email, telephone or FAX, until a dedicated system to report this information is set up, which is expected during the first half of 2021.

This requirement will come into force on 10 December 2020.