An island of endless adventure

Uncover the hidden charms of an island that reveals new experiences and sensations at every turn of its winding roads. Watch the first sunrise of the year from Mt. Halla’s spectacular crater lake, ride the horses that roam Jeju’s broad meadows, pick tangerines among the fragrant branches of a local orchard, strap on a scuba tank and dive below the waves to explore the realm of the haenyeo divers, take a scenic yacht journey along the volcanic coast, or unlock your inner surfer in the Jeju waves. Your guests will have only one regret: that they can’t stay longer. 

Recommended activities

· Horse Riding · Surfing & Windsurfing · Paragliding
· Yacht Tour · Trekking  



· The company holds no responsibility for the loss or damage occured at outside of Jeju Shinhwa World.